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About Foundation Marketing

About Foundation Marketing

Foundation Marketing's mission is to be a world-recognized leader in business growth products and services.

Guiding Principle: Focus on the client's needs first

The core of our business has always focused on what our client's need.  These needs might include difficulty in attracting new customers, growing their infrastructure, offering better value to their customers and even the pains of running a day-to-day business.  No matter what their needs are, we've always made sure that our company is a good fit for them.  Since day one, it has always come down to one question:  Can we truly solve this particular client's needs or are we creating hype to generate another sale?   At Foundation Marketing - 'hype' is not an option.


Marketing is the foundation of business

From our research, we've come to realize that a large number of businesses have a simplified idea of what marketing is.  We want to help correct this misunderstanding so that a larger number of businesses can succeed.  We approach this with the philosophy that marketing is the foundation of business.  Each block of that foundation represents a different part of marketing.  These blocks might include their website, customer research, online marketing campaigns, public relations, specials, sales, customer service, content creation, social media, branding, advertising materials, uniforms, promotional items, and so forth.  Each brick working independently of each other while at the same time - working as a cohesive whole.  That is what we aim to do; Help define, develop, implement, maintain, and report on each of these seemingly disparate parts while delivering quantitative results that push our client to the next level.


Fantastic.  Now do better.

We believe strongly in being the best.  When we hire new people, we only look at prospects that are exceptional at what they do.   We want creative people that are intelligent, critical thinkers that innovate daily in their jobs.  From the CEO down, we believe that where we are today is only the starting point.  In fact, we require each person in the company to complete at least 200 hours/year of additional education and turning that education into expertise.  Our goal is to always strive to be the very best version of ourselves that we can be while providing our clients with service that exceed their expectations year-after-year.